Friday, April 30, 2010

And I'm Back in Action

Went to the gym again today. Yay! Two times this week and it feels so good... in the I hate waking up so early to go but it's worth it in the end kinda good. Body Combat and Body Flow. The regular instructor is off traipsing around Europe for the next couple of weeks so there are subs right now. The combat sub isn't really Body Combat trained so the class was a bit more tae bo meats jazzercise but it was a workout none the less and I was sweating by the end. As far as the yoga class, my down dog sucks.

Question for anyone who may be able to answer... where is the down dog supposed to stretch? My limbs hyper extend so I feel it in the back of my knees and arches of my feet... I'm pretty sure those are not the right places. I should probably just ask the instructor but by the time my class is over I have to run out to pick up the kids. Ah well... such is life.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

addicted to carbs

So once again... I'm addicted to carbs. Bleh. I'm getting to the point where I won't eat anything but them. Like my freind so wonderfully puts it about herself -- I'm a carb hoar. I'm putting myself back on a carb fast for the next couple of days to a week. I had done this once before and the first day I had a brain splitting migraine but by the next day it was down to a dull roar and by day 3 I was feeling pretty good. I worked great too! No more carb cravings. But, of late, I have not been faithful to eating well. I atribute a lot of that to the fact that we've been pretty busy and I went to a friend's baby shower where she sent me home with part of her cake, cookies, and four massive cupcakes.

Well... back on the fast. Time to eat salads and fruit and drink lots of water... oh joy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Greif

Wow... getting sick really throws a wrench into this whole work out plan thing. I got an email from the gym saying, "You haven't met your goals for the past two weeks. If your goals are too difficult you can schedule with a staff member to change them." I've been debating whether I should e-mail them back or not. Would it look silly if I tried to e-mail an automated system and telling it that between family visits and illness (me and everyone else in the house) it's been difficult to get to the gym. I don't think it will understand. On the flip side, I've been eating better... but it's not helping me get well any faster than usual. Oh well :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April is not my month

Well, I've fallen off the exercise boat at the moment. Good Friday last week and working on a custom knitted order till all hours of the night makes for one tired me by Monday morning. A week without going to the gym and it's actually kind of a bummer. I think I miss it. Well, back on Wednesday for more barbelling -- that should be fun!