Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It is the best of times it is the worst of times... be pregnant.

This is the second baby that I've been pregnant with over winter. The pros, I don't have to worry about over heating and if I get cold, I can just put more on. I don't swell up like a balloon and I don't have to be as conscious of how much water I'm drinking. All in all, winter (especially winter in California) makes for a pretty comfortable pregnancy.

The cons... there is sooooo much sugar over winter. It starts with Halloween. The kids bring home the candy, there's candy on sale, there's candy everywhere you look. Then Thanksgiving, with cranberry sauce, candied yams, and pie... oh the pie. Then there's Christmas and everything leading up to that. Chocolate advent calendars, candy canes being handed out everywhere (though those are not a weakness of mine... yay me :lol:), cookies, cookies, cookies, pies and enough hot chocolate to fill a swimming pool. New Years isn't too hard, but then comes Valentine's Day. I don't even have to start explaining that one to you.

So here I am, two days post V-day and 35 weeks pregnant. I've survived just about every holiday possible and it's a miracle I'm not diabetic at this point. I can't give the candy away fast enough (and I can't eat it fast enough either). The only advice I can give you here is -- don't get pregnant in June. Amazingly enough, I've actually only gained about 20lbs thus far... that's pretty good for me.

Oh, but I'm pretty sure my littlest is as addicted to sugar as I am at this point... dang.

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  1. i never recived my prize :(