Meet Miss Muffin Top

Hello there. I'm Amie. :hello Amie: . I'm a 20 something wife and mother of 3 children who, yes... has a muffin top. I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. It's funny how our perspective on weight changes though. Now, I look back with fond memories of the size 5 pants I used to scorn. They weren't a size 3 and that was unacceptable... I miss you size 5s. Admittedly I don't look like I'm over weight, thank you broad shoulders and short stature, but being 145lbs when a person of my size is supposed to be 120lbs -- it's a bit rough on the body. When you're small, gaining 5 pounds can look and feel like 10. This blog is to help me keep a good perspective on my weight management endeavor. Not just the exercise part but the balanced life part. I really stink at the balanced life part. This is a place for me to muse about the oddities and observations that will undoubtedly come with my new adventure. I would love for you to join me in my journey and hopefully we can have a good number of laughs along the way.